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As one of t he industry best keep secrets, Eyelashalot is ready to introduce the world to the luxury services formally only provided to an elect few. Due to increased demand and desire '3J' owner and Elite Lash & Brow Artist will be opening the doors back to the public, no memberships required. 

As a Licensed Cosmetologist that has been in the beauty industry well over two decades 3J' offers a unique approach to the art of Lash and Brow care. 3J' prides herself on maintaining peace and tranquility while offering a safe space to let the day go if even for only an hour. Your energy, lashes, brows and mind are pampered when you elect to be serviced at Eyelashalot. Give yourself the luxury self-care you deserve and schedule your Pampering Session Today and allow 3J' to aid in you looking and feeling fabulous without delay.

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