Eye Have So Many Questions

 EyelashAlot understands that you will have questions. 

Here we do our best to address those standard inquiries. 

What Are Lash Extensions

Lash extensions are currently available in silk, mink and synthetic fibers. They come in varied lengths, colors, finishes and curls to mimic and enhance natural eyelashes once applied by a qualified artist. 

Who Can Wear Lash Extensions

Lash extensions are suitable for anyone with healthy viable natural lashes that are strong enough to bare the light-weight fibers. *ages 16 and up*

Will Lash Extensions Damage My Natural Lashes

No. Please be advised that it is imperative you entrust your lashes to a skilled professional that focuses on the health and integrity of your natural lashes. Lash extensions should cause no damage when applied properly and the guest is educated on proper at home maintenance. 


Can I Wear Makeup With My Lash Extensions

Go for it! Glam it up or lightly accent, either way feel free. Avoid eyeliners that are cream based, they contain oils and waxes that break down the lash adhesive resulting in poor retention and more frequent visits to your Lash Artist. 

ABSOLUTELY NO MASCARA *if you insist please ensure that you refrain from using waterproof mascara, you'll regret it*

Can I Get My Lash Extensions WeT

Absolutely! Typically within 24 hours (depending on the lash adhesive used), the adhesive has fully cured thus resulting in the lash extensions becoming waterproof. Proper cleansing of lash extensions is an integral part of ensuring the longest possible retention of your lash extensions. 


How Do I Take Care of My Lash Extensions

Cleansing the lashes daily with a gentle water based cleanser. Brush the lashes daily to avoid tangling. Sleep on your back or side and use a silk or satin pillow case. When you think of your lashes as hair that grows from your lid, you will treat it as the hair that grows from your scalp. 

 Be kind to your lashes and remember that CLEAN LASHES ARE HAPPY LASHES

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How Long Will My Lash Extensions Last

Lash extensions will typically last as long as your natural lash remains before shedding. An individual has an average of anywhere from 80 to 140 natural lashes per eye and with the average growth cycle of a natural lash an individual will typically lose between 2 to 5 of their natural eyelashes daily. When your natural lash sheds the lash extension will shed along with it. Once a natural lash sheds another lash is already growing in its place. This is why lash extensions need replenishing. Fills are recommended every two weeks anything that exceeds four weeks is going to be considered a Full Set as it is likely the guest has too little lash extensions remaining to constitute a Fill. 

How Are Lash Extensions Applied

Lash extensions are applied using a medical grade semi-permanent adhesive. The lash extension is selected, the adhesive is applied to the lash extension and the extension is then attached to the natural lash (one natural lash at a time) forming the bond that cures creating the desired look. One by one your natural lash will receive a single lash extension or a hand-crafted lash extension volume fan.  

Additional Miscellaneous Information

Avoid caffeine products before your appointment. Your eyelids will likely flutter uncontrollably thus resulting in your Lash Artist  participating in a not so friendly game of attempting to hit a moving target.  No fun there.  

* No refunds will be issued for any services performed *

1st Time Guest Reminders

* Please arrive for your 1st initial visit 10 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment to allow an opportunity for you to complete New Guest Paperwork .*

* 1st time guest are requested to book for a Set and not a Fill. * 

* There will be no services performed over the work of another artist .*