The following will inform you of the EyeLashALot policies . 

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Life can be unpredictable and it happens to all of us. Please be mindful that what effects you can effect others. Communicating changes is an awesome way to display mindfulness and consideration. Please cancel appointments 48 hours in advance whenever possible and with-in 24 hours of your scheduled appointment time to avoid a 50% charge of your scheduled service. 

*All appointments not cancelled with-in the 24 hour window will be charged*



Again, life happens to all of us. We just ask that you consider others while yours is happening. If you are 10 minutes or more late to your appointment you have options. You can reschedule your appointment and forfeit your deposit and pay another upon rescheduling or you can take the remaining time for your scheduled appointment with the absolute understanding and acceptance that you will only have the time you have remaining whether it be 40 minutes or 20, that's all the lashing you will receive for the full cost of the service. * No other guest's will be inconvenienced by your tardiness no matter what the circumstance may be *


No Shows

So again, this whole "life happens" thing comes up. However with life happening it is important to understand that the most valuable commodity and the only thing you can not get back is time. A guest that is a "no-show" will be charged 100% of their scheduled service cost and not be scheduled for any future services with Eyelashalot. 

*No Shows are a No Go*  


Additional Guest

No additional guest are allowed in the salon area during your appointment time. 


This is likely the only "me time" you will be allotted for the day, enjoy and embrace it fully. 

Cell Phones

We all lead hectic lifestyles and are likely more attached to our phones than we are our pocketbooks but moments of reprieve are refreshing undeniably. Use this time to enjoy the disconnect. The world will still be there upon your return. Silence your ringer and enjoy the complimentary lash nap. 

* We are unable to read your text or inform you of whose calling. *


How to Arrive For Your Appointment

Life is busy for certain. Please do your best to arrive to your appointments on time and with a clean make-up free face. Please avoid wearing mascara, false strip lashes and eyeliner for at least 24 hours prior to your appointment. When this is not a "option" please be advised that a 'Lash Splash Service' will be performed and the cost will be added to your service. This service will not extend your appointment time if it is not pre-booked by you the guest at the time of booking. You will still only receive the time allotted for the service you originally booked. Plan accordingly. * Our adhesives contain cyanoacrylate, methoxyethyl, dimethyl silicone polymer with silica, ricinus communis seed oil (castor oil) *

Lash Splashes and Removals

* Add these services to your appointment to ensure that you receiv‚Äče the best we have to offer *

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Lash Splash

Lashes are bathe in a non-oil based cleanser to remove residual make-up and impurities prior to any lash extension service to increase the retention of applied lash extensions. Clean lashes are happy lashes and provide the best retention. Please be advised, if you arrive with lashes that are unclean a Lash Splash will be performed and the appropriate fee incurred. This service will be included in the time allotted for the original service booked and will not add time to that service. If you wish to have the entire time for the original service and clean lashes, please book the Lash Splash in addition to your desired service. 

Let's Take These Off 

During this service a solution is applied to existing lash extensions to gently remove the extension and expose the guest natural lashes. *NO WORK WILL BE PERFORMED OVER OTHER ARTIST WORK* If you arrive to your appointment with pre-existing lashes from another artist, please be advised a removal will be performed, a removal fee incurred and a rescheduling for a full set will be implemented. Please book in accordance to this policy.